What happens after I join?

You'll receive a confirmation email shortly after you join, with the details of your enrollment and the date of your first Care & Protect visit.

We'll ask if there are any priorities on your list.

When your Fixer first arrives, she or he will walk through the home with you documenting tasks you'd like to complete — and ones we recommend. Then we get to work!

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What's included?

Peace of mind, and so much more.

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Popular Requests

"Basic Maintenance!"
- Erin

"Switching out all the lightbulbs."
- D'Andre

"Power washing the patio walls."
- Kristin

"Make sure our HVAC systems have their filter changes and are in properly maintained."
- Erdem

Here’s What Your Fixer Will Help You Tackle 

Leave the home care to us

We're here to prevent problems before they happen. Regular checkups on your safety systems, plumbing, HVAC and more keep your home running smoothly.

Don't wait until you sell — live in the house you want now! A regular Fixer visit gets you progress each month towards your dream home.

Upgrade your space

Get stuff done

Hang that curtain. Fix that loose doorknob. A recurring visit from Fixer is like putting homeownership on autopilot. We'll cross things off your list faster than you can add them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We always work with your schedule at Fixer. Every plan comes with one visit per month, and we schedule each visit for the day that works best for you!

Of course! Just let our Concierge Team know your preference and they'll take it from there.

Can I reschedule a visit, or skip a month?

Yep, there's only a 1 month commitment and no fees to cancel after that. Change plans anytime as your needs change, too.

Will I be able to cancel my plan?

Can I work with the same Fixer each month?

Sure! Just let us know which Fixer you'd prefer to work with, and we'll set it up!

Can I choose what gets attention in my home each month?

Your house, your time! Of course, once a Fixer arrives they will make sure to prioritize whatever is most important to you. You can also let us know if there are specific problem areas you would like us to pay attention to during each visit. Any leftover time is spent keeping up on necessary maintenance.

What happens if my Fixer runs out of time during a visit?

Any additional time will be billed at our standard hourly rate (minus your discount). Fixers are happy to keep going, or can pause upon request.

What maintenance items will my Fixer recommend?

We thought you'd never ask! Check out our standard, seasonal maintenance schedule here — ready to be customized to meet your home's specific needs.

How does scheduling work?

How do I get the 10% or 15% discount?

When you sign up for a subscription, you will be charged for your first month and are eligible to receive the discount related to your plan right away! As long as you keep your subscription active and paid each month, you will continue to receive a discount.

Are Fixer's fixed-bid big jobs included in the membership discount?

We are not able to include discounts on our big jobs because they come with their own discounted rates.

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Membership Plan


• Your Preferred Fixer
• VIP Scheduling
• 15% Service Discount

Benefits Include

• Free Shopping Time

• Comprehensive Home Plan

• Additional Rewards

Billable time is always discounted for members.

"Fixer's membership has allowed me to catch up on the deferred maintenance in my house!"

- Edith

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Memberships

  • Customized home plan
  • Routine visits from your assigned Fixer
  • 15% off every visit
  • Never pay for time spent shopping on materials
  • VIP scheduling 
  • Member-only offers
  • Preventative checks

We’ll locate your Fixer account (or help you create one) and confirm your payment details. 

Don’t worry — you’re not tied to any contracts, and you can cancel your membership at any time. There are no fees to cancel. Your plan will automatically renew each year.

Questions? Email membership@fixer.com


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